About us

So, you are a Vendor Manager (VM) at a Language Service Provider (LSP) company, most likely Multi-Language Vendor (MLV). Or maybe you are a Project Manager (PM), Director or Program Manager. You may be even a CEO of a translation/localization business. You seek to fill in company resourcing strategies, purchase effectively, ensure adequate resources are available for your projects in terms of qualifications and project budget. You work hard to build communication across multicultural and cross-functional teams. Surely, depending on your actual role at the LSP, you have some other function-specific, project-specific and time-specific goals. In pursuit to achieve your goals, you come across certain issues that you need to overcome to contribute to one overall target: achieve translation/localization company strategic goals.

We have been working with Vendor Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Directors and even CEOs of Language Service Provider companies since 2005. A common concern of people managing resources, projects or project teams at LSPs/MLVs is difficulty in finding appropriate vendors for their Polish tasks. What "appropriate" means here is not only focusing on Polish language, culture, subject matter being translated/localized, sticking to project instructions, terminology, deadlines or covering turnaround demands, because these are obvious. "Appropriate" means much more. It means having certain qualities that reach further, like listening to client and truly hearing what they say, asking the right questions, responding promptly, properly reacting to feedback, being responsive and caring for good communication with client's staff. We have been providing these qualities constantly to our customers, day in day out. Now, we would like you to take the opportunity to utilize these for the benefit of your company.