Translation & Localization

Your client's new revolutionary product is almost fully developed. Technical writers created content for online and offline manuals, the marketing are working on efficient communication. New product website is ready to go online. Now it's time to go global, it's time to translate and localize all that content and celebrate success. Now it is you, Project Manager (PM), who start their work. Your task is to choose appropriate resources and make sure whole project is delivered successfully to the client. You lean on your Vendor Manager (VM) to provide you with the resources to choose from. Now, it is us who come into play. With proven translation and localization record for leading Language Service Providers (LSPs) for Polish as well as other languages for many years, we have exactly what you need to meet the expectations of your client and close the translation/localization project within the goals set at the kick-off meeting, perfectly according to project specification and instructions. Smooth communication as well as using essential tools of the trade, such as CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software and leading TMS (Translation Management System) put us ahead of the competition in providing exactly what you expect from us so that you can accomplish your objectives. Because when it comes to translation, we hear you.

I find CONTRAD to be professional, responsive, and easy to communicate with. You always accommodate all my requests.