Editing & Proofreading

Before the content can be published, it must be thoroughly checked from all possible angles. No matter how great the linguist is, their work has to be checked. Moreover, the work of the person who has checked translated or localized content has to be checked, too. And then, it must be checked again. Of course, then client-side checks begin. Only this way, can your content be of the highest possible quality and signed off for going global.

Vendor Managers work hard on maintaining quality databases of linguistic resources for their Project Managers to choose from. Although final quality of content is of paramount importance, other factors matter, too. As a Vendor Manager you want to sign editors and proofreaders who are not only detail-obsessed, but also are able to cover turnaround demands, both in terms of workloads but also deadlines. All with quality in mind, of course.

We have edited, proofread, QAed and tested every piece of content that was leaving our offices. Everything in time and according to project specification. For many years, we have closely worked with clients' reviewers, taking their remarks into consideration, listening to their suggestions, hearing and understanding their requests, as well as explaining the subtleties of Polish and other target languages, cultures and markets in order for them to achieve success.

I work with you because of your reliability, good communication, adherence to deadlines, and quality of your translation.