IT / Networks

Modern times, modern solutions. More and more solutions, products, customers. More markets to explore, more languages and cultures to pass your message to.

Software, hardware, computers, notebooks, netbooks, handhelds, tablets and other devices find billions of customers all over the world. This world speaks many languages. One of your goals as Vendor Manager is to fill company resourcing strategies. For IT and network projects, it means the necessity of securing services of experienced linguists and other specialists that will suit your Project Managers' goals, and in turn - the objectives set by the client. In languages spoken by the world of Information Technology.

We can provide you with all you need to reach that goal, especially as far as Polish language is concerned. Comprehensive linguistic and cultural service for IT and network products that will enable you to fill company resourcing strategies, enable you to accomplish the objectives set and keep your happy customers coming back for more, driving your Language Service Provider (LSP) or Multilingual Language Vendor (MLV) company sales up.

CONTRAD delivers good quality and is very responsive to feedback.

Vendor Manager at one of top 5 Language Service Providers in Southern Europe