Desktop Publishing

Today's projects consist of many elements that together make the product final and complete. Fonts in technical publications, outlines of catalogues, graphics in brochures and marcomms as well as drawings on product packaging are the parts that make the product differ from all mass of similar devices and make the content easily accessible to users.

In the quest for securing the most adequate DTP resources, Vendor Managers and Project Managers must take many factors into account. After all, the visual tier of content is what many clients see as the key factor in winning more customers. DTP specialist that is detail-oriented, knows all subtleties of graphic formats, code pages, character sets and more is what VMs and PMs usually look for to deliver better services.

We have delivered all the necessary DTP services our clients require to make their product complete with accompanying content that is not only linguistically and culturally aligned, but visually as well. When it comes to translation, we do not only hear you, we also see your vision.

CONTRAD has proven to be specialized in technical texts.