Terminology, Translation Memory & Project Management

Each GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation) project begins with setting milestones. As for translation and localization, one of the first stages is project preparation. This includes not only project management and budgeting operations, but in linguistic realm, it requires proper terminology, first and foremost. You cannot begin translation before you have approved terminology at hand.

As terminology and terminology management are rightly gaining more and more attention from end-clients, Project Managers (PMs) and Vendor Managers (VMs) working in linguistic services industry, often seek vendors not only able to provide resources with proper knowlegde of terms used in a given industry, but also able to manage all terminology developed during often complex and time consuming searches during equally complex and time consuming projects. They seek efficient operators of this extremely important linguistic asset working with leading industry Terminology Management tools (e.g. SDL MultiTerm) on industry accepted formats (e.g TBX).

Over the years, not only have we created project glossaries, but also maintained and kept them up to date in the form of termbases ready to be used at any time client wished to, with any tool we agreed upon. This also holds for what is considered equally valuable project asset of the client - translation memories.

Good termbases (TB) and translation memories (TM) are the crucial elements for linguists working on the project but also, if properly maintained, they make Project Managers' lives easier. Our Project Managers work hard on clients' orders and love smooth interaction with all parties involved in the projects without unnecessary concern about the quality of content they hand off to production. That's exactly what they receive. And thanks to that, you receive flawless deliveries, within your budget, within the deadlines set. We have assisted our customers at all stages of many thousands projects, from concept phase till rollout. Successful rollout.

The benefit of working with you is your quick communication, flexibility with timeframes and rates, and your responsiveness.