Audio / Video / Photo

iPods, iPads, CD, DVD and Blu-ray players/recorders, amplifiers, amplituners, complete audio systems, TV sets, digital cameras and camcorders have become so widespread that hardly any of us can imagine living without them. And now all in HD quality.

To use those devices, users must know how to operate them. That's why leading world manufacturers come to your Language Service Provider (LSP)/Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) company and order linguist services. In order to help them, you have to ensure adequate resources for languages in demand from end-clients. We are able to provide those resources to you, especially in Polish language. We have been providing Vendor Managers (VM) and Project Managers (PM) of our clients with competent translators, editors, proofreaders, QA specialists, DTP specialists and other professionals who enable them to assign qualified resources to projects so that the top quality content is delivered to end-client.

You confirm things quickly and provide good quality. You have a deeply rooted sense of responsibility.

Project Manager at one of top 10 Language Service Providers in Asia