Telecoms / Mobile

Can anyone nowadays handle their business without a mobile phone? Well, it is impossible, and you still have good old wired phone and all the PBX devices, analog and digital technologies, as well as VoIP.

Modern devices of that kind have so many functions that you need to make sure your customers understand them and use them efficiently so that all the innovative features designed to make their lives easier are taken advantage of. Only then, will they be able to appreciate how much they improve their everyday life and business with groundbreaking technologies. They cannot do it if they do not understand manuals and documentation. They will not be able to do it if they cannot count on support in their native language.

So, when a client sends you their new quote for a project, you seek to purchase effectively, if you are a Vendor Manager (VM), or you look for resources that would assure that the project will be done within budget, in time and with top quality, if you are a Project Manager (PM). After all, you are one of the people in chain responsible for the overall ROI and margin of your Language Service Provider (LSP)/Multi Language Vendor (MLV), as well as for the overall client satisfaction. Purchasing translation services for Polish and other languages effectively is not an easy task. We can make it easier.

We have enabled many Vendor Managers and Project Managers to accomplish their purchase objectives, which in turn secured the loyalty of the clients who keep coming back with new translations to be done. What can we do for you?

I get high-quality translations, a team of experienced linguists, and on-time deliveries.

Vendor Manager at one of the leading Language Service Providers in Northern America