Multimedia / Gaming / Entertainment

Your client wants to introduce your online casino into a new country? Another client wants to attract millions of players from new and existing markets to the new part of their best-selling video game? Or perhaps yet another client has a film script that needs to be translated to Polish or other language? In order for your company to win those and other contracts, Vendor Managers and Project managers have to enable their Multi Language Vendor (MLV)/Language Service Provider (LSP) companies to deliver better and better services.

For years, we have enabled Multi Language Vendor (MLV)/Language Service Provider (LSP) companies to deliver better services to top world casino and bookmaker operators, video game studios and multimedia content creators who in turn have been able to reach their targets with precisely localized content and turn their hard work into market success.

You can use this expertise any time you need and to the full extent to reach similar goals. Results guaranteed and backed by success stories as well as happy client testimonials. No matter what type of content is involved - roulette user interface, in-game dialogs, player guide or e-learning script, rest assured CONTRAD will enable your company to deliver better services.

I trust you and I am not willing to work with other companies. You are more reliable, flexible, communicative, and punctual than most vendors.

Vendor Manager at one of top 5 Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe