Every driver needs the book in which the operation of their car is described. How to switch gears, how to replace the bulb, how to fill in the engine oil... All that is equally important, especially when your customers travel and need to do those operations themselves, when no garage is on the horizon. It is also obvious that usually they do not carry dictionaries with them. And even if they did, who thinks about translation when they get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere when only 1 hour to the important meeting remained?

Every service technician needs the instructions how to operate your service gear or what is where in the vehicle manufactured by your client. After all, great service equals happy client, which in turn means referrals and increased demand for your excellent products. That's why for a Vendor Manager (VM) and Project Manager (PM) of Language Service Provider (LSP)/Multi Language Vendor (MLV) maintaining stable work relationship with vendors in the long run is so important. This is true for any industry, but it seems especially important for automotive market.

Whatever the automotive product of your client, it must be accompanied with excellent content in Polish or an other languages of your target markets. We have helped many Vendor and Project Managers by committing to long-term relationships in which case we could understand each other better and better, and what is more important,  understand end-client expectations better. Stable work relationship always results in better deliveries and client coming back constantly, which in turn secures financial stability of Language Service Provider (LSP) company and generates good referrals and new clients from a given sector. This is what we help VMs and PMs with.

CONTRAD confirms their availability in a short time period. This is very important for a project manager!

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